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   News March 2009   

Hey folks!!!
How is life going?

We are currently mixing the new Arcadia 2009 promo and I must say I'm very satisfied with the work we're doing.

The promo should be out in about ten days and precisely ten years after an important event in the band's career: the release of "Trust", our first 1999 promo.

"Trust" gave us the opportunity to sign our first contract with a record company, "NoBrain Records", and that was just the beginning!!!
We are hopeful that this 2009 promo can bring us the same (if not better) luck as the 1999 one did.

I have just received the new pedal "Bad Horsie II" from "Morley Pedals", USA. This company is going into partnership with me and my plans...

My 2nd Peavey amplifier is about to be delivered too. It's a "Vypyr" and uses digital technology based on physical models. It emulates all of the characteristics of Peavey amplifiers from the beginning up to now.

In the next posts I'll be more accurate and describe all the features of my new tools.

This and some more soon...

Stay tuned!

   News February 2009   

Dimitry flew back to Italy to start the recording of 2 new promo tracks for Arcadia, the songs will be soon downloadable on

He's also going to finish the mastering of the great stoner band El Negro, the album sounds really cool and groovy.

The artist is also leaving on the Italian tour with Arcadia on 11th February.

In March he will start the recording of the new album of Arcadia and on 19th will have the shooting for the 1st demonstration video.

New endorsement: Dimitry's got the "Morley pedals" endorsement. He's just waiting for the Bad Horsie II.

This will be my tool; That's great and I'm really really proud of that: Morley is a big company and in the "artist rooster" they have really famous guitar players like the "HUGE" Steve Vai.

About the "Evolution project" Dimitry is making the line up and some important news will be out soon. The new Drummer is Magnus Nødset.

Soon Dimitry's students will be able to download all their lessons from this website, they will have a password and an ID, I'm also going to make some video lessons by the beginning of the next week but I think that the best news is about my Solo album "Evolution".

From now on you can download the album tracks in mp3 format or buy a CD copy by just clicking here. It's awesome, it has never been so easy!

   News November 2008   

Dimitry has just came back from the third part of the Arcadia "Never Home Tour 2 2008".

His CD ' Evolution ' is out since September and some great reviews can already be found on the Italian "Metal Maniac" (Nov 2008) and online magazines such as,,

Dimitry also got the Peavey endorsement.

I am so glad to have "Peavey Electronics" as a partner; I have used their amplifiers since I was a kid, it's the best you can choose if you want a very strong and powerful sound on your records.

In December Dimitry will join Arcadia in the studio to write new material for the next Arcadia album that will be out in 2009.

Stay tuned for upcoming important news and buy "Evolution" on I-tunes or on Cdbaby.

Support indipendent music: buy records!!!

   News September 2008   

Hi there! I've just signed with Tune Core and "Evolution" will be available for digital download by the beginning of October on these sites: I-Tunes, Amazon, Shock Hound, Rhapsody, Napster, E-Music, Lala.

Moreover the CD will be available on more than 2,400 record stores in the USA and on mailorder thanks to the American site Cdbaby since the first half of October. All the tracks can be already listened to on myspace.

Stay tuned for upcoming news.

   News August 2008   

Hi there!

I am mixing my first solo album which will be out in October.

Just a couple of weeks and the master will be ready to be shopped to some record labels.

Arcadia - Cold Cold Bodies album released in UK by Cargo rec. UK.

Check it out soon!













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