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   News September 2013   

Hello people of the world, hope everybody had a killer summer; I did! : - )

    The biggest news so far is that I'll be on the road from November on tour with my solo project "Dimitry".

    I'll be sharing the stage with an old good friend, his name is Riccardo Gioggi, he recently had his new album released by "Digital Nation" records.

    Check him out, the album is awesome... : - )

    We'll be playing concerts with our own bands and a couple of clinics/workshop.

    Check out the dates...

    The second great news is that I'm on my way releasing my DVD "The Codex Videos". You can check out the first 4 clips at this link:

    You can also check out a recent interview out in the new issue of the Italian music magazine "Strumenti Musicali".

    Follow me on my blog, facebook or twitter for updates about my music activities.

    Prepare for a "warm" autumn... : - )


   News May 2013   

In June I'll be in Italy for the "Italy Music Show" in Bologna.

    I'll be performing demos for Peavey on the 15th and 16th. The times schedule will be posted soon.

    I'll be playing and demostrating the new Guitar AT 200 (Peavey) and actually my favourite amp of all times, 6505 (Combo 112).

    I'll be playing all the tunes from my upcoming DVD which will be available for the 1st time ever @ the demos (Peavey booth).

    Arcadia is playing "Sonicsphere" at the Redbull stage in Rho/Milano, Italy.

    See ya guys there!!

    I'm so exited and look foward to meeting all my rockin' friends down there...

    Keep on rocking...   


   News February 2013   

Hello everybody.

This is the trailer of my upcoming DVD which will be out in May.

The DVD has been produced by a young movie company from Italy named "Sulago Film" in collaboration with "Peavey Electronics".

Enjoy and stay tuned for upcoming news..


   News December 2012   

Hey folks. Sorry for the lack of news.

Here we are:

  • My album "Codex Magika" was out on September 19th. You can find some reviews in the press section.
  • I'm working on a huge new project; I'm producing my first DVD which will be shot in January 2013; I will play some of my best compositions (solo and from the Arcadia albums).
    It will be done by collaborating with Peavey Electronics and Sulago films, the same company that shot the latest Arcadia videoclip "I sold drugs to little red ridinghood".
    I'm so exited for this release because it will celebrate the latest 16 years of work.
  • Other great news: I recently joined the great international band (USA/Italy) EPHEL DUATH as live guitarist for 2 European and 1 USA tour in 2013.
    Here is a video of me playing the song "Black Prism" from Ephel Duath latest album "On Death and Cosmos".

That's all. Soon I will write a message about my whole 2012.
    Don't miss it and see you in 2013.   : - )


   News July 2012   

Hi, sorry for the lackness of updates but have been really busy recently.

Let's start with my solo album "Codex Magika". It will be out on Sep 18, 2012. The presale will start in few weeks on this website and my Facebook page.

So far you can check a couple of previews out, the 1st on my soundcloud channel:

And a recent live video of me playing "Desire" on a radio show in Norway:

Demetrio "Dimitry" Scopelliti - Desire (live @ radio grenland)

With Arcadia we came back from the Mnemic tour a couple of weeks ago. It was fantastic and you can check out my post about it HERE.

The next thing we're working on is a 3 tracks ep which will be available on the Internet for free in a couple of months.

Next week I'll be busy with Absinth in the studio (Skien Gitarskole og Lydstudio): we are recording a new rock single. I am involved as a guitarist and will produce the track in the studio.

A lot of updates coming soon on my blog...

Have good summer everybody.















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