End of 2012 message..
 by Dimitry , 27/12/2012  16:13:58, DAILY NEWS, read 1565 times

Finally I find 5 minutes to just write a couple of thoughts about my 2012..

-This year I've joined the band Absinth from Norway with whom I've been playing all the summer in the main festivals/clubs in the south of the country.

- I've been on tour with Arcadia supporting the great band Mnemic, have been a wonderfull experience since I've been a huge fan of the mnemic for long time and it was great to be side by side everyday on stage as well as on the tourbus.

- I've been producing a bunch of great bands, young and less young, such as Polyvalencis, Emanuel Desperados and many many more; I've been working as guitar instructor with my "old" students (the ones that have been following me since long time) and many new ones, both things @ my recording studios/music school "Skien Gitarskole og Lydstudio".

- I released my solo album "Codex magika" after 2 years of composing and producing that. The album is available on itunes and in many other digital platform; this album will be also available physically in 2013, part of a great upcoming project... :) More news about that coming soon in 2013.. : - )

- I Joined the band "Ephel Duath" (USA) as live guitarist for the next 2 European tours and the next North American one, all in 2013. I already posted everywhere on my social networking sites/blogs the video of me playing one of their track : - ) You can still check it out here:

 - I Also have been on tour as session bass player with the band Concrete (Norway) in september, it has been a cool esperience as well cause for the first time in my life I've been playing an instrument with less then 6 strings..lol

In the end it has been a wonderfull year as well as so difficult.. In my music/working life I managed to achieve most of my plans and to put down the basics for the next upcoming year which looks already very very busy. I had the chance to work with so many wonderfull professionals and human beings and learn a lot of new things in work and in life.. I'll reveal soon in a couple of days some details about a new "top secret" project I'm working on in this period. I'm so goddamn' exited.. : - ) That's all folks, have nice holidays and see ya rocking in a free world in 2013.