M-Psychosis - 1st video performance from NAMM 2019
 by Dimitry , 05/02/2019  18:42:41, Concerts and Clinics, read 381 times

Here we go with the 1st Video Performance from NAMM 2019.

The quality of the recording is great and I managed to play at my 100% this time.. Infact,  it took me 4 years to realize that in order to play decently enough I need to use a headset so that I can hear myself properly..

Everybody who perform at Namm or at the Messe know how difficult it is to deal with the super low volumes (85 dbs max) plus everyone is playing everywhere at the same time.

The second improvement is that I recorded the audio of the performance with my laptop in order to isolate the sound of my guitar from all the mess around me.

This song was performed at the @Vinteck Booth.

I used their speakers EBE Deluxe and my guitar sounded better than ever..

Make sure you check out this video: