Demo video - part III : "keep your eyes closed"
 by Dimitry , 29/04/2009  14:00:40, MUSIC, read 1945 times
Hey Buddies.. On line the 3rd part of my demo video.. Check that out... The title of the song is "keep your eyes closed" from my solo Ep "Evolution" I made that video using the amazing head and cabinet "JSX PEAVEY" and The MORLEY Wha pedal BAD HORSIE II contour.. The drummer in that song is my friend Daniel Fasano now playing with the famous Italian band "dari", album out on EMI music.. The funny stuff is that he recorded that track a couple of hours before the audition for that band... ; - ) He's really young talented Drummer and we had a great vibe working together, we just had 2 hours rehearse and then we got into the studio to make the song.. Amazing.. Next week the Demo video part IV. Don't damn miss that... Stay tuned and have fun!! Dimitry