Suite #1 - Dimitry & Aina H. Davidsen
 by Dimitry , 10/03/2020  20:00:43, Work in progress-videos, read 247 times

  Last week me and my friend and saxophone virtuoso Aina Helgeland Davidsen released an Ep called "Rock Suite".

  Here is the guitar & saxophone live playthrough in the studio, the song is "Suite pt.1"

  A very eclectic mix between classical music and 8 string guitar progressive metal.

  You can listen or download the Ep at those links:

 Spotify Link          Apple Music Link 

  P.S. Yeah, I am wearing a cast because I broke my wrist 2 months ago during a soccer game, just one week before Namm. I've just removed it and during the last month I have been playing with my fingers 'cause I couldn’t use the pick because of the stiffness of the cast so I improved my fingerstyle skills a lot; I?m planning a post/video to talk about that asap.