My home recording and composition courses
 by Dimitry , 16/05/2009  21:55:04, Guitar Courses, read 2011 times

Home recording and composition Course 

Let me introduce my new “Home recording and composition course”. 

Of course the package is complete because first the student has to start with some guitar lessons to improve his technical and musical skills... 

I will start this 1st course on 10th June 2009.

What is the difference between my course and the ones held in the typical guitars/music schools?

In the other schools usually the teacher teaches you how to improve technically, you study songs, you practice licks, etc. etc.

But nobody teaches you how to write a song and make your own demo or cd...

With my guide you’ll have all the tools to reach your target:


Ok, now let me just go into the details about what we do along the way:

  • We arrange a student song or we build a song starting from an idea that the student has.
  • We arrange a song of another artist in the style of the student (i.e. make a reggae version of Metallica).
  • We make the recording using professional equipment.

What’s the target of this course?

The target is to have your cd ready in your hands (you can play and enjoy that in your car, send to a record label or to a club to have a date with your band or whatever...)

How many “Home recording” lessons do I need every month?

I suggest at least 5 hours of laboratory every couple of months, (if you work on the song on your own, that’s enough to work that out, at the same time we go on with the same guitar course).

I am really excited with this project and I'm looking foward to starting on 10th June. 

I am sure that it will be a step foward for my students and for me. We all are looking foward to having good time!!! 



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