Signature Guitar 2.0
 by Dimitry , 22/09/2020  22:57:52, Video Demos, read 327 times

  Despite this crazy year 2020 that we're experiencing, we managed to build a new model of my signature 8 string guitar. Here is a video which shows the new model and its specs and features. The guitar shows huge improvements in sound and playability.   Some of the new features are:

  - Last 4 frets are now scalloped in order to grab the strings for crazy bendings as I am used to.

  - Incredibly thin neck which improves the grip and helps playing technically challenging phrases and licks.

  - 2 Truss rod which help the neck to be more stable and improved the sound and sustain as a secondary result.

  - The Hipshot Extenders are working extremely smooth letting you drop the tuning on the spot with just 1 click (both on the 7th and 8th string).

  I'll do a live stream asap to show all those details, enjoy this demo first.

  The guitar has been designed by me and Alessandro Tardivo and produced by the chinese company Sunsmile Musical Instruments. Video shot & edited by Kenneth Fjellbu.