EVH 5150 III + Captor X + Xtomp + Clevan Custom 8 - Demo
 by Dimitry , 03/05/2021  16:50:14, Video Demos, read 434 times

  Finally I had the chance to make a demo of my favorite amp of all times.

  I'm talking about the EVH 5150 (III); in this demo I'm reamping the guitar DI through an Xtomp (used as tube screamer) directly into the input of the amp and into my Captor X (using a Fortin V30 IR).

  This is the first time ever I demo my Clevan Custom 8 String Guitar which was donated to my by the company during my China Tour in the fall of 2018.(I'll tell the whole story during my next live stream on May 16th.. ).

  Of course I made the Kemper Profiles of those sounds.

  Message me if you wish to get them for your studio or live sessions.

  What about the music? This is a sneak peek of a new song me and Aina Davidsen are writing together, the full song and official video will be released in the next few weeks.

  Stay Tuned and have a great week.