Divergence - Guitar Playthrough - Feat. Ampero Silver and Inspiria Guitars
 by Dimitry , 23/10/2022  22:00:00, MUSIC, read 222 times

  Hey peeps...

  Here is the Guitar Playthrough of the song « Divergence » from my latest album « V » played on an « Inspiria Guitars - DLP8 » with Hipshot Extenders and Lundgren M8 pick ups and through a just released « Ampero Silver » by Hotone Audio.

  You can find my patches/presets I used in this video available for free on hotoneaudio.com/support/4.

  You can stream the song on Spotify (or similar) or buy the cd and merch on bandcamp.

  More info about Inspiria Guitars on inspiriaguitars.com.