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   News March 26, 2015   

Hey Folks. I'll be playing @ Frankfurt Musikmesse (DE) between 15th and 18th April.

You will find me at the Hotone Audio booth (4.0 F 49) everyday showcasing their products and playing my solo stuff.

These are the times of my performances:

   - 15th April 2:30 pm

   - 16th April 11:30 am/3:30 pm

   - 17th April 11:30 am/4:00 pm

   - 18th April 10:00 am

Look foward to see ya there...


   News January 22, 2015   

I'll be playing at the Namm Show in Anaheim, California. You can find me at the Jamgle booth, Hall E, booth 1391.

These are some of my performances:

   Thursday 11:00 (W/Matt Vallejo & Jeff Subauste) 16:30 w/Gianluca Ferro
   Friday 12:00 (W/Matt Vallejo & Jeff Subauste)
   Saturday 15:00 (W/Matt Vallejo & Jeff Subauste) 15:30 w/Gianluca Ferro
   Sunday 16:00 (W/Matt Vallejo & Jeff Subauste)

Me and Gianluca Ferro are gonna perform @ HotOne pedals at HALL B 5975.

Look foward to meeting you all!!!


   News December 15, 2014   

Hey, some updates before everything gets quiet for Xmas...

I have a new sponsor called Jamgle.

I'm gonna work with them for quite a while and through this website you will be able to jam with me and thousands of other musicians, of course all this FOR FREE. Check this video out!

More news about this topic soon... Please make sure you keep track of my blog.

Arcadia are in the studio for the forthcoming album "Adhorrible & Deathlicious". I'm done with the guitars and getting ready to record bass this week.

I have been demo-ing all the tracks for the next Dimitry's album. We're probably entering the studio in January/February as soon as I'll be done with Arcadia's new album.

We produced my first signature overdrive pedal in collaboration with a young Italian company called KKC.

Check this cool video demo out and order the pedal, if interested, through this website! More videos of the pedal are coming soon.

We're also working together on some more gear as well.

Have a nice Xmas and a great New Year!!!


   News August 25, 2014   

Ready for the Autumn? I

I'm currently working on a "Instructional video course" focused on how to switch from a "strumming acoustic guitar" to an electric and how to start moving in the rock/metal fields with it. The course will be available on around November/December 2014.

At the same time I'm working on my first instructional guitar book. it's gonna be called: Metal In Progress, "How to develop your guitar technique". More news on that to come...

As previously announced from the September issue of the Italian magazine "Guitar Club" you will find a 2 pages lesson, called "Metal in Progress" (MIP). One lesson every month with backing tracks available for free download on the Guitar Club magazine website (

I'm coming back with my solo project "Dimitry" as well as Arcadia; I'm working hard on both the upcoming new albums and I'll play live with both the projects on 19 Sept 2014 in Norway (check tourdates).

- download Poster on the 19th Sept event -

I decided to quit Bridgeville after 1 year of shows and recordings, I'll play my last 2 shows with the band in September/October (check tourdates). The reason why I decided to quit is too less time to use on the band and too different "overview" on music & business side of things between me and the rest of the band. I had a lot of fun being in the band up to this point and I wish them a lot of luck for the future. I look foward to playing those 2 last shows at Brekkerock & 1001 watts festivals with them.

That's all, follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube for constant updates...


   News June 15, 2014   

I'm working on some new demo videos. I'll play some brand new tracks, a preview to my next solo album. The gear I'm gonna use is the new Peavey "Triple xxx" and the Peavey AT-200, autotune guitar. I'll release those videos in the next couple of weeks.

I'll be columnist on the Italian magazine "Guitar Club". The article series is called "Metal in Progress". First number out in September, check that out!!! You will be also able to check out the audio files on the Guitar club website:

CS Custom (pedals) is currently working on some signature pedals for me, the first is gonna be a booster and the second an analog delay. Soon I'm gonna post around some pics and descriptions of those two pedals. This is an awesome news since we're speaking about the first signature product.

I added a couple of shows with Arcadia and as Solo in September, more shows to come.

I'm currently in the studio with Bridgeville for our debut album, the 3rd single "Anthem of the world" which will be out in August.

Some new projects coming very soon...

See ya on YouTube sometimes next week. : - )














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