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   News June 15, 2014   

I'm working on some new demo videos. I'll play some brand new tracks, a preview to my next solo album. The gear I'm gonna use is the new Peavey "Triple xxx" and the Peavey AT-200, autotune guitar. I'll release those videos in the next couple of weeks.

I'll be columnist on the Italian magazine "Guitar Club". The article series is called "Metal in Progress". First number out in September, check that out!!! You will be also able to check out the audio files on the Guitar club website:

CS Custom (pedals) is currently working on some signature pedals for me, the first is gonna be a booster and the second an analog delay. Soon I'm gonna post around some pics and descriptions of those two pedals. This is an awesome news since we're speaking about the first signature product.

I added a couple of shows with Arcadia and as Solo in September, more shows to come.

I'm currently in the studio with Bridgeville for our debut album, the 3rd single "Anthem of the world" which will be out in August.

Some new projects coming very soon...

See ya on YouTube sometimes next week. : - )


   News June 2, 2014   

Here's the video of "Termin@tion" from Arcadia Synth album.

    The video was included in my DVD, released last year. The gear used in this video are Peavey At200 (guitar) and Peavey 3120 head (amp).

    Flying to Italy next week to shoot a video test of some new Peavey amps & guitars, this time I'll play some BRAND NEW SONGS. Big thanks to Sulago films for shooting this video.


   News May 19, 2014   

Here is the "Guitar Video" of the song "Shiver Vision" from the Arcadia debut album "Synth" (2001).

    Of course I re-produced the song from scratch.

    My good buddy Davide Castagnone reamped all the guitars.


   News May 6, 2014   

This is the "Guitar Video" of an instrumental version of "Sick Sick Sick" from the Arcadia album "Fracture Concrete" of 2004.

    New mix, new guitars, bass & drums editing.

    Hope you like it, in the meanwhile I'll work on the next video. Any ideas?


   News April 2014   

Very busy up here!

    Let's start with a new album, already available to order now, my first brand new YOGA/Ambient album (YOGA, MEDITATION & RELAXATION).

    You can listen to the teaser preview right here:

    You can order a physical CD or digital copy through this form. It's for everybody who like atmospheric music, and not "just" for Yoga fans...

    Let's move foward, BridgeVille (my rock & roll project) released the first single/video "Absinthia", check it out here:

    I'm done with the "demo guitars/arrangements" for the new upcoming album of Arcadia. We'll hit the studio in May 2014 for the recording sessions, a lot of new stuff going on in the sound (look foward to upload some video clips from the studio sessions).

    About the rest lot of dates going on with all my projects: Dimitry, Arcadia & Bridgeville, check the tourdates section and see ya on the road or on these pages along the spring. ; - )

    Demetrio Scopelliti
















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