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   News January 2012   

Here we are in 2012!

I am full time working on my new solo album "codex magika" coming out in few months. I'm mixing these days.

As announced there will be some special guests on the album, Davide Merletto on vocals on 2 tracks, Magnus Nødset on drums, Andrè Kassen on saxophone, Nicola Angileri and Alessandro Cacace on bass.

As far as Arcadia, I'll start writing the new album as soon as the "codex magika" album will be released.

We have been on tour supporting Illdisposed in September and October 2011 and we'll be on tour again for sure in spring 2012.


   News October 2011   

Hey, sorry for the lack of updates recently but I have been really busy on all fronts.

    I'm leaving to Copenhagen to start a European tour with Arcadia, see dates in the tour dates section. We'll be around Europe until the middle of October.

    Once finished this tour I'll be on tour again as guitarist for the American band Abomination with the legendary singer/bassplayer Paul Speckmann and Raphael Saini at the drums (see tour dates).

    I'm also planning to complete the new album regarding my solo project "codex magika". A couple of solos and bass line only to record and then I'll go into the mixing process. It will be ready by Christmas 2011, so if you don't know which present to buy for friends and stuff... (LOL)

    Furthermore at Skien Gitarskole og Lydstudio we started a new study season with a lot of new courses. (check for updates). For guitar & bass lessons you can contact me from skienmusikk website using this form (some places are still available). You can also contact me if you need a producer for your band/solo project.

    Please check my blog for everyday updates.

Have a nice Autumn!


   News June 2011   

Hey everybody, a bunch of news from Demetrio "Dimitry" Scopelliti:

    I am starting the recording sessions for a new exiting music project. The band's name is "codex magika" and the album will be available in September 2011. The disc will be an Ep composed of 5 tracks of a kind of crossover between prog-fusion-rock/metal. The other musicians involved in the project are: Magnus Nødset (drums/Norway) and Davide Merletto (vocals/Italy). Check my blog for daily news/videos regarding the recording sessions of the album.

    I joined the American band "Abomination" for the next European tour in November 2011 (check tour dates section). The band is on the road again after 20 years of sleeping and still led by the legendary singer/bass player "Paul Speakmann". Look foward to seeing all the fans on the road...

    Arcadia have 3 brand new tracks downloadable for free from These are the first three tracks released after the previous album "Roy Philip Nohl" was out in 2010. Enjoy new & fresh music... The plan of the band is to complete the writing sessions for the next album by the late Summer (presumably September).


   News May 2011   

I'm busy with the mix, mastering of the new upcoming Arcadia Ep 2011.

3 new tracks will be available on from next week.

The band will be headliner at the HARD CASTLE FEST in Alessandria (Italy) on July 30, 2011.

On the production side I am now mixing the upcoming album of the extreme metal band Framferd from Norway. All the album will be soon finished. Check their website ( ) for the "studio diary".

Finally I had the time to start a new record on my own, the project name is "codex magika", this album will be out presumably in September 2011. Read my blog article for details. I'll play guitar, bass and I'll produce the entire album.

Have a nice summer and check my blog out for daily updates...


   News March 2011   

Hello, some fresh news...

I signed a distribution deal with RNC MUSIC, Italy based label distributing music on all the world digital stores.

My first album "Evolution 2009 version" will be distributed by them all over the world.
They are also licensing the physical CD for distribution in the record stores in Italy and the rest of the globe through other record labels (will know more about that later).

About my next solo album I have decided to start the recording sessions by Summer 2011; I have written a lot of material so far and I am going to decide about the musicians taking part in this new project soon, so stay tuned and you'll know the names.

I am re-arranging some demos for Arcadia and soon we're entering the studio for a new Ep out in May 2011 (see this video).

On the production side I am in the studio producing Framferd, looking foward for the vocals recording sessions.
(see the article on
















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