3 T LAW (timing, tune, touch)
 by Dimitry , 09/07/2009  00:23:15, Lessons articles, read 1792 times

3 T LAW (timing, tune, touch)                                         8/07/2009
How to develop a great Timing.
  • You need to have a metronome absolutely, that will become your Best  Friend.
    Always practice with that.
When you are practicing a rhythm:

1 – Try to put down the speed (bpms), for example let’s think that you have a funky riff at 120 bpm in 16th notes. Play that at 3 different speed, 60 bpm, 90 bpm and 120 bpm, low, mid, hi speed.
2 – For those who want to develop a “Great” timing: let’s think that you have 20 minutes to practice that rhythm; do that at 40 bpm for 5 mins, 60 bpm for 10 minutes, 90 bpm for 3 and 120 bpm for 2 minutes.
Do those exercises on all the rhythms you have to write, practice and play with the band or for your album etc..
In less than 3 months, working everyday like this you will get a “perfect” timing at any speed, you will get the so called “inside sync”. Guaranteed, I did that for several years and I still do that.
Demetrio Scopelliti “Dimitry”