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Demetrio 'Dimitry' Scopelliti is endorsed by LUNDGREN, guitar pickups for electric bass and guitar

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Demetrio 'Dimitry' Scopelliti: V - Release date: April 10, 2022

Demetrio Scopelliti  -  " V "
Fusioncore Records
© 2022 Demetrio "Dimitry" Scopelliti

Available on Itunes and other digital
stores since March 10, 2022

Demetrio 'Dimitry' Scopelliti: The Silent Watcher - release date: Nov 4, 2018

Fusioncore Records
© 2018 Demetrio "Dimitry" Scopelliti

Available on Itunes and other digital
stores since November 4, 2018

Dimitry: The Art of Complications - 2016

The Art Of Complications

FusionCore Records
© 2016 Demetrio Scopelliti

Available on Itunes, cdbaby and all
main digital stores since Jan 10, 2016

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Dimitry: Evolution 2009 version

2009 version
(Studio A/Tunecore/Cd Baby 2009)

Since September 2008 Dimitry has been teaching electric and
acoustic guitar in Skien (Norway) and he gives 'intensive
rock guitar lessons' when he is not on tour.

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  Demetrio Scopelliti, a.k.a. Dimitry, was born in Italy in 1980.

  He started playing guitar at the age of 13 in the band Vertigo with some friends of his at the high school.

  In 1997 he joined Arcadia, still being his actual main project, and played all over Italy for about one year before entering the studio for the first Arcadia demo tape called "The war of silence".

  Although it was just the beginning, this demo turned out great for the band and was a top demo on the main European magazines and was even followed by an Italian tour between 1998 and 1999.

  In the same period Dimitry started attending the lessons of the teacher Enrico Benvenuto, lead guitar player of the Italian Death metal band Dammercide and used to practice very hard night and day.

  In July 1999 he entered the studio again to record the new Arcadia Cd-Demo: "Trust".

  This demo gained a lot of success on the Italian press and the band was contacted by No Brain Records for the first full length album "Synth" in 2001.

  The recording sessions took place in Venice (Italy).

  In the meantime Dimitry joined the well known Italian band Infection Code and started touring with them as well as with Arcadia.

  But something was missing in his musician career. He realized that he needed a more serious study background and in 2000 he decided to attend the famous European Music Institute CPM in Milan with the famous teacher Donato Begotti.

  Then he started studying different music styles: jazz, fusion, blues, funky, practicing something like 8-10 hours a day.

  In June 2004 he got his degree with a really high evaluation. In the same year he started giving private lessons in his home studio and in Septemper 2004 he entered Nadir studios (Genoa - Italy), managed by the great producer Tommy Talamanca, to record Arcadia new album "Fracture Concrete".

  In November he moved to Los Angeles with Arcadia to play for a while in the Californian area. He lived in Hollywood for six months and played in the whole east coast area; in the USA the band signed a contract with the Sinergy management owned by Mr. David Brown.

  In downtown L.A. he started rehearsing with the Lauren Mayew band, famous singer and actress in Hollywood.

  In July 2005 he came back to the L.A. area, this time with the support of RG Production which in the past had already booked the band in a very big festival (Sun & Steel) in Florida with Testament, Deicide, Prong, Trivium and others.

  In 2006 he joined the cover band Triba for some rehearsals and gigs in the north of Italy.

  Arcadia also shoot the first "Fracture Concrete" video of the song "Sick Sick Sick".

  The new Arcadia promo-cd was out in 2006 and Dimitry started working as a producer in his home studio as well as in "Studio A" and produced bands like Black Monday, Etb, OBC, Brown Sugar as well as another Arcadia album: "Cold Cold Bodies".

  This album was out by Valery Records in November 2007 after the band Arcadia had left on a European tour twice in the same year.

  Dimitry also got an endorsement contract with the company Bulk Music which provided him with strings and picks and was contacted by the Italian music school Universitą Popolare to teach acoustic guitar.

  "Evolution", Dimitry's first album, was released on 15 September 2008. The recording session lasted from March to August 2008 and Dimitry worked on this record during the breaks from the "mother" band ARCADIA.

  The album is digitally distributed by Tunecore rec. and physically by CDBaby in more than 2.400 record stores in the USA and Mailorders in Europe.

  Soon after the album was out, the CD attracted the attention of the music industry and the musical instrument company PEAVEY offered Dimitry an endorsement regarding their amplifiers.

  Since September 2008 Dimitry has been teaching electric and acoustic guitar in Skien (Norway) and gives "intensive rock guitar lessons" when he is not on tour.

  In January 2009 he got endorsed by Morley Pedals.

  Dimitry also recorded and produced a new Arcadia album, "Roy Philip Nohl" that was out in 2010, and the latest "Adhorrible and Deathlicious", released in 2015.

  The second album, "Codex Magika" (2012), recorded and produced in his studios (Skien Lydstudio, Norway), was released on Sep 19, 2012.

  His next solo album "The Art of Complications" was released on Jan 10, 2016 and includes "The Codex Videos" DVD, shot in Italy in 2013.

  Thanks to this album and 3 NAMM show appearances in 3 years, Randall Amps, Hotone Audio, Legator Guitars and Lundgren pickups decided to endorse Dimitry.

  2015 was the year of big changes. Dimitry started being known in the international music scene as guitar player and composer, touring Europe, the USA & soon Asia both with his solo band and as a clinician and endorser.

  During December 2016 Hotone Audio released Dimitry's signature preset for the Xtomp (a new innovative guitar stompbox/pedal).

  In 2017 he gets endorsed by Chicken Picks from The Netherlands.

  In May 2018 he gets endorsed by Mercuriall Audio, plug in company based in Russia.

  Dimitry released his next album "The Silent Watcher" on November 4th 2018. It includes performances of some of the most known world class musicians as Marco Minnemann, Mattias IA Eklundh, Jųrgen Munkeby and many others.

  He toured China, US and the whole Europe again in the following few months.

  In 2021 Dimitry founded "Inspiria Guitars" with the purpose of creating high quality instruments for modern rock genre (prog, metal, djent and modern alternative music in general).

  His latest solo album, " V ", was released on April 10, 2022 via #fusioncorerecords.

  " V " is available digitally through all main streaming services.

Dimitry's V, The Silent Watcher, The Art of Complications, Codex Magika and Evolution on Itunes

Dimitry's V, The Silent Watcher, The Art of Complications, Codex Magika and Evolution on Spotify

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