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   News January 2011   

Hey Everybody!

Hope you had a great celebration on new year's eve. I am here back in business. 2010 was an awesome year for me. In order:

  • I released the new album of Arcadia "RPN" which is still going great right now (check the new reviews/interviews in the press section).

  • With Arcadia we took part in 2 different tours for a total of 2 months on the road.

  • I finished the 3rd part of my rock-metal instructional/demo DVD. Watch all videos here.

  • I finished and opened to the public the new "Skien Musikk: Skien gitarskole og lyd studio", a combination between a music school and a recording studio. Check for info.

  • I produced and recorded the single of Celina: "This is not so cool"

  • I produced the band "Emanuel Desperados" in the studio.

What about the 2011? I already have a lot of plans:

  • A new solo album
  • A new instructional dvd/course
  • A lot of touring and other "secret plans", secret just so far

I wish you guys a nice 2011 and a good winter.


   News September 2010   

Hi guys..

Long time since the last updates...

My new recording studio in Skien - Norway (view map) is finished and ready to go... Some pics will be posted soon on this website and on my company's at

Every band looking for high quality production can contact me through this website in the contact section.

I've just finished working on the "Emanuel desperados" mix and Celina's hit single "This is not so cool". In that case I arranged, played the guitar and produced the track which will be soon available for sale in the best stores and on the web.

About my music:
My new single "A clockwork Feeling" from the "Evolution 2009 edition" album is now for digital download on Itunes, CdBaby, Spotify and several digital platforms all around the web.

Arcadia will be soon featured on rockband (the game) for x-box and playstation with the track "Slaughterhouse, Obituaries and a Love Story".
About that song the new "Slaughterhouse, Obituaries and a Love Story" video is out and you can check that out at this link in the video section.

Arcadia are going on tour to promote the new album in November; some dates are already booked (check them out in the tour section of the website).

I will probably flying to Italy for some new promotional and instructional videos for Peavey electronics in October; you will know more soon.

Finally I am writing some new material. I'm still not sure about the project for which I'll use that music, if Arcadia, Dimitry or something else...

Stay tuned and you will find out soon...

Take care.

   News June/July 2010   

Summer seems to be really busy to me.

I am mixing the Norwegian based stoner band "Emanuel Desperados". The mixing will be finished in a couple of weeks and the CD will be available soon.

I also started working on a hit single for the little "Norske talenter" finalist Celina. I will record guitars, arrange the songs and produce it.

The track so far is really catchy and I really think it will have a very good feedback when it will be sold in stores to the public.

About Arcadia we'll take part in the "Maximum Rock Festival" in Italy on 25 July, supporting the English Metal Legend "Napalm Death".

My "Skien Gitarskole og Lydstudio" will move to a totally new location (still in Skien/Norway).

More news about that during the summer...

Guys, enjoy the Hot Sun!!!


   News May 2010   

Hi everybody, I'm just back from the Spring session tour with Arcadia supporting Six Feet Under and Illdisposed and soon after that the big Italian Expo "Music Italy Show".

Nice to find there some friends that I hadn't seen for long time.

All the demos for Peavey Amp were pretty good, I played the 3120 head and a couple of pxd guitars.

Some videos have already been posted here.

Have a nice Spring time.


   News March 2010   

Hello Everybody !

I've just come back from a couple of clinics and concerts in Norway with the Norwegian Dimitry Band.

Now the next 2 months will be dedicated to the new Arcadia release "Roy Philip Nohl" and the big upcoming Arcadia tour supporting the band "Six Feet Under" (Usa/Metal Blade Rec.).

The new disc is on its way to the mastering and will be available for fans in the beginning of April. The presale will start soon.

I'll be playing for "Peavey Amp" in the upcoming big expo in Bologna, Italy on May 15-16-17, 2010; I'll be playing some Peavey amps as the 6505 and 3120. I am waiting for confirmation of a possible Arcadia participation in the event either on 16th or 17th May.

I also have really big news and I'll reveal that soon on these pages so stay tuned.














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