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 DVD Shooting - Jan 2013 
  Evolution (Sep 15, 2008) is my first album. The recording sessions lasted from March to August 2008. I worked on this record during the breaks from touring with my band Arcadia.
  My 2nd solo album is called Codex Magika and was produced on Sep 18, 2012.
  The Codex Videos was released on Sep 18, 2013. Watch some clips here.
  The Art of Complications is out since Jan 10, 2016.
  The next album, The Silent Watcher, was released on Nov 4, 2018.
  My latest album, « V », is out since Apr 10, 2022.
The shooting days
 by Dimitry, 01/02/2013 23:15:16, DAILY NEWS, read 1992 times

 DVD: The Codex Videos, a diary from the set.

Yesterday 27th  January 2013 we finished the shooting of probably my
most important product of the latest 9 years..
I wanna start saying that the shooting has been so much fun as I probably could never imagine before..
Me and all the people involved in this project really enjoyed being on the set together and we loughed so much..
So I have to thank those people first of all for their professionality, and for making these 3 days so special to me..
Sulago Crew (Iugi, Boki, Deve & Mimmo Bomber), Ricky from INFECTION CODE, Cacao from ARCADIA, my sister Marcella for the photoshoot, 
Dave Castagnone, Peavey Italia & Officine Sonore.
Lets start everything from the top..:)
Wednesday 23rd January.
Ok, today is the day.
The crew meets up for a strong coffee at 9.
Time to start building the set...
It's gonna take around 3/4 hours, the main problem is the banner in the background.
Don't get me wrong, the banner looks great but for some reasons the guys of the crew thought that there was something wrong with the position of that, honestly I still didn't get it.. (lol).
Ok the banner is cool, the lights are on, the amp (3120 Peavey ;)) kicks ass, the autotune At 200 guitar is Tuned :).
We are ready to go (It's 2.00 Pm.)..
It's goddamn lunchtime :))
Francesco, the owner of the club (officine sonore) is cooking a delicious pasta with olives and tomato sauce..
After this overload of italian carbs it's time for a coffee.. lol
Ok, let's back to us.
It's 3.20 Pm. and I still did not play a goddamn note
- We start with "Grey", that's the track n.2 of my first album "Evolution".
Everything goes great, 8 takes and we're done..
- Track n.2, TERMIN@TION
Ohhh man... Lol
Bottom line: I hadn't play this song since 10 years..
I never got the original Files from nobrain records so I had to make the background track
from the skratch..
I decided to make a kind of updated version with different Drums samples & keyboard sounds/arrangements..
The song sounds awesome and I felt like in the early days with Arcadia when playing that.
4 takes and we're done with that..
It's 7.30, time to get dinner and relax, the day is done, awesome but tomorrow, well...
Tomorrow we need to shoot 4 tracks.. lol
Thursday 24th
After the usual long Italian breakfast we start around 10.30.
Today I feel in a really good shape, the first track to be performed is "FusionCore".
Everything goes really smooth..
It's time for Desire, that's a little bit more work comparing to the other tracks
recorded today..
As I told to the guys I feel very emotioned during the performance of this song. :)
4 Rythm and 4 solos and also "Desire" is done.
That's probably the most difficult song of the DVD.
I start feeling a bit tired as well and also the crew is a bit cooked at this stage..
Now Iugi (artistic director) loughs at every word I say.. Lol
Around 20 takes and Five is done..
Net Realm.
This song is from the "right after Synth" period, out n 2002 as single track and included in the Arcadia album "Fracture Concrete", probably my favourite Arcadia work..
Maybe this song rapresented the 1st step in my "evolution" as songwriter & guitar player..
The song performance goes smooth..
It's 8 Pm, a fresh beer and a tasty pizza are waiting for us at the next door restaurant..
Sunday 27th
Today we made it..
It was almost a "mission impossible" for the amount of work we had in front of us.
The day starts at 8.00
Today I have to shoot 2 songs with good old friend Ricky Porzio from the band "INFECTION CODE".
The latest time we played together it was maybe 9 years ago.
Obviousely it has been great and felt just like the day after..
The 2 tracks recorded are brand new and never released.
Ricky did an awesome job and delivered those 2 tracks in his personal style, the tracks are really Technical and modern, I'm sure you guys will love them..
At 11.30 Pm. I tracked my latest solo, 14 hours of hard work; we made it.
No better way to end this awesome week..
Next step: Prepare a teaser which will be probably out next week or so..
Stay tuned..
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