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   News May 2010   

Hi everybody, I'm just back from the Spring session tour with Arcadia supporting Six Feet Under and Illdisposed and soon after that the big Italian Expo "Music Italy Show".

Nice to find there some friends that I hadn't seen for long time.

All the demos for Peavey Amp were pretty good, I played the 3120 head and a couple of pxd guitars.

Some videos have already been posted here.

Have a nice Spring time.


   News March 2010   

Hello Everybody !

I've just come back from a couple of clinics and concerts in Norway with the Norwegian Dimitry Band.

Now the next 2 months will be dedicated to the new Arcadia release "Roy Philip Nohl" and the big upcoming Arcadia tour supporting the band "Six Feet Under" (Usa/Metal Blade Rec.).

The new disc is on its way to the mastering and will be available for fans in the beginning of April. The presale will start soon.

I'll be playing for "Peavey Amp" in the upcoming big expo in Bologna, Italy on May 15-16-17, 2010; I'll be playing some Peavey amps as the 6505 and 3120. I am waiting for confirmation of a possible Arcadia participation in the event either on 16th or 17th May.

I also have really big news and I'll reveal that soon on these pages so stay tuned.


   News February 2010   

The first two clinics went really good. Soon you will have some clips on line on my youtube channel and on this website.

I want to thank all my students who came to MusikkTorvet to check me out on the 11th February.

Eventually the new Arcadia album "Roy Philip Nohl" will be ready by March.

The record is going to be released by April 1, 2010 and Arcadia leave on tour supporting the big band "Six Feet Under" (Metal Blade).

In May 2010 I'll play at the Bologna MUSIC SHOW 2010 (Bologna-IT) for Peavey Italy, so I invite all my Italian fans to come and check me out there.

Bologna Music Show will be the biggest music expo in Italy, so for those who will come I'll be there on May 15, 16, 17.

Have fun and take care.


   News January 2010   

Hello Folks.

Just to start, I wish all of you a Happy New Year 2010.

Lots of stuff going on at the very beginning of the year...

I'll have some clinic solo gigs in the first months, please check "tour dates" for details...

I received the new Peavey "mini" Vypyr, the custom preamp I talked about last time and that I will use during my next dates.

I really thank Peavey for this tool and for the support they constantly give to me.

A couple of gigs with the "Dimitry's Band" in March will be revealed soon. (Please check tourdates page often.)

The new Arcadia album mix is almost finished. Still we don't know when the album will be out but we'll figure that out soon. Thanks for your patience guys...
The songs sound killer and no doubt this will be the best album of Arcadia ever!!! Agressive, melodic, groovy and technical!!!

Other important news is the presence of a Mailing List on this website. You will be informed about me, my projects, up-coming events and will receive free music, lessons and other stuff...
Click here now to join Mailing List and subscribe Newsletter.

That's all for now but stay tuned for some important news coming out soon.


   News News: special message   

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