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   News November 2009   

Sorry for the delay, these latest 2 months have been busy as hell...

The acoustic/solo sets worked out really good, soon some videos will be available on my Youtube channel...

The 2009 version of "Evolution" is out and you can download the album from my website
Please click here to listen to all full-length songs in streaming audio.

I'm actually in Italy finishing the new Arcadia album which will be out in 2010. The band will be soon on tour in Italy and East Europe.

In the beginning of 2010 I'll have a kind of Clinic/Solo tour called "Dimitry's Showcase Tour". More details to come soon about this last topic.
If you want me to come to your town/country please write an email here:

Enjoy the winter and talk to you soon!!!


   News September 2009   

Hello Everybody...

Hope you had a great summer holiday...

I am on my way with the mixing of the new material and the new edition of the cd Evolution will be available in mid-September 2009 with 2 bonus tracks that sound really cool...

Arcadia will release the new album (the 4th) by the end of the year, the title of the cd will be "Roy Philip Nohl".

We are discussing these days about which record label and distribution will release that...

The band will leave on tour at the end of October...

On the teaching front I am starting a new guitar course, an "on line course".

I'll introduce that in my blog during the next few days...

I've just opened a company in Skien (Norway) called Skien Gitarskole og Lydstudio.

I'm actually combining together a recording studio and a music school.

It's about some services to help (beginners and experienced) musicians to improve as artists and as musicians/guitar players, using my own experience...

The website of the company will be on line really soon...

Ok, that's actually all for now!

Take care and stay tuned for some important news coming out soon...


   News June 2009   

Hi everybody! Some news in June...

I will release a new limited version of "Evolution", my first solo album, in September with 2 bonus tracks + a rom track with some "making of the record" behind the scene videos. I'll get into the studio in the middle of July.

The new songs sound heavier and with a more "progressive" appeal... I'll have a couple of shows in September regarding this "new" project...

Let's change the subject: Arcadia are in the studio working on the 4th album. We think that the album will be out by the beginning of 2010, some songs are already online as preview at: In August we'll take part in the "Help Fest" in Czech Republic, we'll headline the fest.

From the production front I'll work in the studio with the progressive metal band AtomiXynergy from Turin (IT) in July for their first full length album.

Have a nice summer!

   News May 2009   

Hey... A lot of stuff going on in May...

I am writing some new material for my solo project. I have a couple of new songs which will be recorded in the month of July and released in September also regarding that project we are planning to play some dates from September. So stay tuned to see if we'll play in your town.

I am also going to record some other tracks with Arcadia at the end of the month: we are making a new album, recording 3 songs every 3/4 months and I can guess we have it out in the autumn of 2009.

This month you can find some interesting news about me and a description of my activities as a guitar player on the soundwave website (Italian distribution of Morley Pedals).

I'm also "featured artist" on the Morley website this month. There you can find an article about me, my activities and my bands.

I also posted on this website 4 new videos of me while playing the new Peavey amps and guitars and some Morley products...

I created and published my personal blog. Visit it now, listen and rate one of my songs and leave your comments.

Other news will be published soon, I am actually working on some exiting projects...


   News April 2009   

Hey, what's up? Spring time!

I shot my first demo-video... One clip is already on line. Check that out now!
Every week there will be a clip out on my website in the section "download/video".
In the video I play some songs coming from my brand new album "Evolution", some Arcadia songs and also new songs from the upcoming album of Arcadia.

Peavey electronics have just sent me a new amplifier (Vypyr) and a new guitar (PXD TOMB II). You can see me in the video playing some tracks with that guitar.

About the new amplifier you can check it out at
That's a digital amplifier and it simulates all the major Peavey amps. (I'll shoot a video using that in a couple of months).

About the guitar I got, it's a really really metal guitar...
Superb shape, nice colour, great sound, EMG pick-ups and a booster on the bridge pickup of +20 db !!!

The new Promo Of Arcadia is out. Check that out at: and let us know what you think about that.

On the production side, I am mixing the band "Stonecutters"; they play a kind of technical hardcore in the style of the Dilliger Escape Plan and Meshuggah.

Soon news about the "Evolution" project...

Take care...

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