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   News Summer 2019   

Hey Folks.

I apologize for the lackness of updates in the last few months.

I've been working hard in order to finish the recording and mix/mastering of the new album of Dammercide, including the video guitar playthroughs with all my parts. The album will be released in the winter, but I'll start posting some guitar playthroughs as teasers in the next few weeks. (Please make sure keep an eye on my YT channel and subscribe!).

Also I am working on an Ep with a new band from the US, I wrote all the music and lyrics and the album is now at The Noiz Faktory Recording Studio in Texas for additional recordings and mix; soon the name of the project/band will be revealed.

Next week I'll be holding a clinic at Mattias IA Eklundh's Freak Guitar Camp, sponsored by Mercuriall Audio & Hotone Audio. (See tourdates.)

I am planning a tour with my mate "Laurent Bernadac", CEO of 3Dvarius Violins in Norway in the winter; we're recording a live album which will be available as audio (spotify/apple music) and video (YT) in 2020.

It won't take long to the next updates since during the next month something very special will happen so please stay tuned on these pages and follow me on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.



   News March 2019   

Hey peeps.

Namm 2019 was awesome.

I am gearing up to perform at Frankfurt Musikmesse 2019 with my friend "Laurent Bernadac".

We’re gonna play on the main stages, New Circle Stages 3.0 and 3.1 and 1 gig for Musikmesse Festival at the Moxy Hotel, Frankfurt East.

This is the performance schedule:

  • Thursday 4th April:
    • 11.00 am - Circle stage 3.0
    • 7.00 pm - Hotel Moxy - Frankfurt East
  • Friday 5th April:
    • 11:00 am - 3DVarius - Hall 3.1 - Booth #D20
    • 1:00 pm - Circle Stage 3.1


   News January 2019   

Hey folks. Happy new year!

Let’s start with some great news.

Soon it’s Namm time again. I’ll be playing Namm in Anaheim, California this year as well.

For those who are not familiar, Namm is the biggest music convention in the world. I’ll be happy to play for some of my awesome sponsors and endorsements, and precisely at the Legator Guitars booth on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th, at my friends of 3DVarius where I’ll be having some supergroovy jams with my friend and violin virtuoso Laurent Bernadac (watch some performances here) and many other performances around between the 24th and 27th January.

This is a list of all performances:

After Namm I’ll fly to Georgetown, Texas for some recording sessions at "The Noiz Faktory" recording studio. I’m working on some new exciting music which will be released soon this year.

Also I’ll shoot a new educational series of videos featuring some of my music.

More news on it coming soon. Be safe and I see you around...


   News November 2018   

Hey folks.

I've just come back from a super successful tour in China.

I've been all over the place for 3 weeks, some of the cities I've been gigging in were Shanghai (I played my second year at the mighty "Music China" (musikmesse), Changsha, Guangzhou, Nanning, Guilin, Xiangtan.

The reaction of people was super awesome and I'll look foward to be back in China for the next tour.

You can check pics & video of the tour:    pics    |    video 

Once back my new album "The Silent Watcher" has been released and I played the release party in my "hometown" Skien as guest at a new international festival called "Kulturkræsj".

You can listen and buy the album on Itunes, Bandcamp, and many other digital platforms.

I'm still busy recording for a new exciting project that I'll reveal in the next few weeks. In the meanwhile I hope to see you on the road.

Have a good one.



   News October 2018   

Hey people, I’ll be back to China again this year but this time for a longer tour.

Here are are the dates, both at Music China 2018, Shanghai - China for some performances on the stage outdoors and at the Hotone Audio’s booth.

After Music China I’ll be travelling around in China for some gigs.

Demetrio 'Dimitry' Scopelliti - China Tour 2018 - Live Dates, October 12-26, 2018

And here is the poster for Chinese fans...

Demetrio 'Dimitry' Scopelliti - China Tour 2018 - Live Dates, October 12-26, 2018


You can now stream and download “The Silent Watcher” (single track) on Spotify, Itunes and all the main digital platform on the web.

Playing on this song, apart from me and my awesome musicians (Fabio Decovich on bass and Enzo Rotondaro on drums), we can find the swedish guitar god Mattias IA Eklundh on some solos.

We remind that the full length album will be released on November 5th and will feature some of the world class musicians as Marco Minnemann on drums, Jørgen Munkeby and many others.

Here are the links to the song:

The Silent Watcher (single track) on Spotify

The Silent Watcher (single track) on Itunes

Stay tuned for some awesome news...


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