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   NewsSummer 2022   

Hey Folks, I am very sorry for the lackness of updates but this summer was, at the contrary of 2020 & 21, extremely intense and busy.

My new album " V " was released on April 10th.

Here you find some reviews & interviews:

    - Metal Wave
    (Italian Webzine) [ Review ]

    - Todo Guitarra y Bajo
    (Argentinian Magazine) [ Interview ]

    - Metalized
    (Danish Magazine) [ Interview ]

    - Metalized
    (Danish Magazine) [ Review ]

    - Stormbringer
    (Austrian Heavyzine) [ Review ]

The 2 singles and official videos:        

In May I left to the USA for the Namm Show in L.A. representing my brand new guitar company "Inspiria Guitars". Check for pics & videos.

In July instead I took part to the "World Championship of Performing Arts", still in Los Angeles, California where I got 3 silver medals in my 3 categories "Original Works", "Contemporary Instrumental Music" & "Open".

In August I ended up on the Cover of the Argentinian Guitar Magazine & National Publication "Todo Guitarra & Bajo" together with Tosin Abasi, Lari Basilio and Richard Rosales.

Now I am getting ready for some autumn studio work in order to finish the 1st album of Scopelliti & Helgeland Project.

Demetrio "Dimitry" Scopelliti


   NewsMarch 2022   

My new solo album: "Demetrio Scopelliti" - "V" will be released on April 10th via #fusioncorerecords.

It will be available digitally through all the main streaming services, however a few physical copies will be printed as well (more about this to come).

The album was written & performed entirely by "your truly" during the 2020/21 lockdown months.

The Release Party Live Stream will take place on @stageit on April 17. This video is an edit version of the first single "Devil You Know".


   NewsAutumn 2021   

Hey Folks, I added some tour and live streaming dates.

I'll be in Switzerland for the "Prog Fury Alive" Festival with Dammercide and in Italy for some guitar clinics.

The next live streaming concert will be on Saturday 23rd October on Stageit only. I'll be performing the latest Dammercide's album "The Seed" in its entirety for the first time ever.

You can buy a ticket at this link.

I'm mixing my forthcoming solo album which will be available by the beginning of 2022, we'll be communicating exact release date asap. The album is entitled: "V" and composed of 13 tracks (10 tracks plus 3 Bonus Tracks). The cover art was made by Mark Bridgeman again who worked on Dimitry’s "The Silent Watcher" in 2018.

The monicker I am using at this time is Demetrio Scopelliti, since I played all the instruments by myself this time around during the lockdown months in 2020 and 2021.

More to come on this...



   News April 2021   

Good morning people.

Lots of news in this update:

Next week, on April 11th I'll be playing a live streaming on Stageit, Show4me and for those who wanna watch it as a private link on YouTube and Facebook, in this case please send an email in order to purchase the ticket.

The Live streaming will be "All Mew Material Pt.2" and I am gonna play all new songs exclusively (except for a couple of classics as well).

I released 3 new songs already this year: Devil You Know,  Afterworld,  The None.

On another note I am working on a bunch of different projects, some new songs from the Helgeland & Scopelliti project, a new signature guitar and a new solo album.

I am officially a "Two Notes Audio Engineering" artist. Here is my demo of the extraordinary Captor X, IR loader by Two Notes Audio.

This video features a new song as well: "Ghost In The Machine", the studio version will be available asap on Spotify, Itunes and all the digital platforms on the web.

This is all so far folks. See ya next week at the live streaming concert.



   News January 2021   

Hey Folks.

Since we're all close to the end of 2020 I'd like to spend some words about my experience this year.

It was a weird and disappointing year in a way... But..

On the other hand I had the chance to plant some seeds for the next couple of years ahead as well as taking a break from touring and being able to spend more time with my family, so it was a positive year as well in a way.

Let me do a recap:

On January 2020 I had the pleasure to present my 8 string signature guitar at Namm (Click here to watch the video).

On February as Covid kicks in I'm focusing on studio work.

The releases this year have been:


Dammercide - The Seed (Album)
Dammercide - The Seed (Album)
Scopelliti & Helgeland (EP)
Scopelliti & Helgeland (EP)
Igor & Dimitry (Album)
Igor & Dimitry (Album)
Scopelliti & Bernadac (Live Album)
Scopelliti & Bernadac (Live Album)


Singles as Solo Instrumental Artist::

Rock Suite #3 with Aina H. Davidsen
Rock Suite #3 with Aina Helgeland Davidsen
Ennea with Laurent Bernadac
Ennea with Laurent Bernadac


Also I did a bunch of jams on YT with other artists:

Marco Minnemann
Dimitry & Marco Minnemann
Laurent Bernadac
Dimitry & Laurent Bernadac
Fabio Decovich and Enzo Rotondaro
from Dammercide
Dimitry with Fabio Decovich and Enzo Rotondaro from Dammercide
Aina Helgeland Davidsen
Dimitry & Aina Helgeland Davidsen

Plus I had several live streamings on my YouTube, Facebook & Stageit page.

My next Live Streaming Concert will be on February 7, 2021. It will be a "Symphonic Instrumental Rock" set with guests. Here's the promo.

That's the link to purchase the tickets. More news about that coming soon.

Have a great 2021 and let's all of us move foward...



Dimitry's V, The Silent Watcher, The Art of Complications, Codex Magika and Evolution on Itunes

Dimitry's V, The Silent Watcher, The Art of Complications, Codex Magika and Evolution on Spotify

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