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   News March 16, 2016   

I was looking foward to communicating that for a long time...

My new endorsements are:

Randall amps

Being endorsed by Randall has been my dream during the latest 3 years, the dream comes true now. In my opinion they are the no. 1 amps builder company in the world at present.

Legator Guitars

I just definitely switched to 8 strings and got a Legator Ninja pro 8 strings. Great sound, playability and insanely fast fretboard.

Hotone audio

I have worked with Hotone for a long time since we first met @ Namm 2015. They have some new amazing products coming out soon that will make the life of a guitar player easier (pics coming soon).

I am so proud of working with those awesome companies & great people at the same time.

And here is the first official video, the song is "Last Night Fire". It's a live performance playing a Legator Ninja 8 string guitar through a Randall Rd20h, I also used a bunch of Hotone pedals, soulpress, grass, ravo & xtomp. The video has been produced by Strobe, from Tonsberg, Norway. The quality is impressing.


   News February 16, 2016   

Just back from Namm a couple of weeks ago.

I played 15 demos in 4 days...

Here you can find a couple of videos of my performances:

Dimitry and Peavey are parting away after 8 years of collaboration. It has been a bless to be part of the Peavey family for so long.
One of my biggest dreams back in the day was being endorsed by Peavey and I loved their work during the latest 8 years, especially the one done by Peavey Italia.
I am grateful and will always remember the good times with those friends, however it's time for me to move on.

I'll comunicate soon my new endorsement(s).

Shooting next week the official video for the song "Last Night Fire", directed and produced by STROBE, who already worked out the latest Arcadia video of "Today We Fight".

I'll be back soon with some more news.


   News January 20, 2016   

I'm getting back on stage, I'll playing Namm 2016, Anaheim, CALIFORNIA (US).

Here is my schedule:

Demetrio 'Dimitry' Scopelliti: The Art of Complications

In March instead I'll playing clinics e concerts at the "Larvik Guitar Festival" in Larvik, Norway.

With me: Robben Ford, Dream Police, Clawfinger, Unni Wimlsend, Troy Grady, Alex Hutchings, and many more...

...Many more news coming soon...

   News January 2, 2016   

Hello everybody, let's start the new year with an awesome news:

My new album "The Art of Complications" is gonna be released on January 10, 2016 by my own new record label "Fusioncore records".

You'll find the album on Itunes and all the main digital stores.

Here you can stream the whole album for free before the 20th of January:

   News November 23, 2015   

Hey Folks.

This winter is bringing a lot of news...

My album "The Art of Complications" is going to be released on January 10th 2016.

You can order a digital copy on Itunes and all the main online distributors.

This is a teaser of the "making of the album":

Click the image below to view the artwork made by Daniele Margara.

Demetrio 'Dimitry' Scopelliti - The Art of Complications (Artwork by Daniele Margara)

You can order a physical copy sending a message through this website. The physical copy includes "The Codex Videos" DVD, shot in 2013 for Peavey electronics.

Next week on 27th November 2015 my "new age" album "Yoga, meditation & relaxation" is going to be digitally distributed on Itunes.

Check it out on Itunes and all the digital stores.

Here a sample of the album:

New collaborations:

   - I am recording guitars for a band from Italy called EGOSYSTEMA. The album will be released in 2016. Check this video out:

   - I am writing music for the next album of a Danish/Australian band called "WINTERGARDEN". More details about this coming soon through a new "video blog" update.

As far as concern live dates some news are gonna be communicated soon.

Follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

Have a nice one...














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