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   News September 27, 2016   

Ladies & Gentlemen, I'll be flying to Italy in October for some gigs & clinics supporting my latest album "The Art of Complications".

Playing with me in the band Fabio Decovich (ex Dammercide) on bass & Enzo Rotox Rotondaro (Glacial Fear) on drums.

Here are the dates...

See ya on the road...


Demetrio 'Dimitry' Scopelliti: October 2016 Italian Live Dates, The Art of Complications

   News September 6, 2016   

Here we go with my new official Video: "O Sole Mio (Goes Metal)".

"O Sole Mio" is the well known Italian traditional song.

No, it's not a joke...

How did I come up with this idea? I was explaining some "improvisation concepts" to some of my students and this melody suddenly came out and I thought: "I need to produce and record a metal version of this track". So here we are...

Many thanks to Strobe (video shooting & editing) who did an amazing job as usual, Eric Meyer @ the Noiz Faktory recording studio who mastered the track, Igor Dunderovic for playing accordion & of course all my sponsors, Hotone Audio, Randall amps, Legator guitars & Lundgren Pickups for their constant support.

I did produce the whole thing playing all the guitars, mandolins, bass and programming (drums & keys) as well as mixing.

Ladies & Djentlemen, here is "O Sole Mio (Goes Metal)"...


   News July 16, 2016   

Hello to everybody from my studio in Norway!

Lots of things happened in the last couple of months.

The biggest news is that I officially joined Sun Red Sky, known US based band.

We've been working on the debut album during the latest 8 months or so and we're now about to start the mix.

This process will be completed in my studios in Norway.

Stay tuned for more news about this.

Time for me to go on vacation for a couple of weeks, I'll talk to you guys in autumn.



   News June 30, 2016   

Long time since my latest update...

The Frankfurt Musikmesse days have been amazing: all my demos for Hotone Audio were extremely crowded; thanks a lot to anybody who showed up, Hotone audio crew & Gurus amp...

What am I working on?
     I am preparing for the shooting of an instructional dvd for
     The name of the dvd is "The Art of Shredding".

The course is for advanced level guitar players who want to improve their skills and is basically based on my latest 2 studio releases, my solo album "The art of complications" and Arcadia's latest studio album.

The release date will come with the next update.

On 5 September 2016 I'll release my new single both on YouTube (official video) and Itunes. The song is an Italian cover from the 17th century revisited in a progmetal version.

Dimitry's upcoming Video-single...

I'm starting tracking demos for the next Arcadia's album; my plan is to have them finished by the end of summer.

Still no news about the label involved in releasing the disk or release date but I believe the entire process will take some time.

Last but not least update:
     These are my latest 2 demos for the new Hotone Xtomp, both are Arcadia's song playthrough, "Scarecrows' dance" and "Art of Darkness".

Have an awesome summer!


   News March 30, 2016   

Next week I'll be playing at Frankfurt Musikmesse for Hotone Audio. You can find me at Hall 11.0, booth F61

Performances schedule:

Thursday 7th April: 3:30 pm

Friday 8th April: 11:30 am & 3:30 pm

Saturday 9th April: 12:30 pm & 4:00 pm

Sunday 10th April: 11:30 am

See ya there.


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